Ahad, 28 Ogos 2011

Sampel Public Service Announcement Script

17-year old emily and her mother are sitting on the sofa and looking throungh a scropbook
emily : Who's in the photo, Mum?
mom   : That's you great grandma elanor  when she was younger do you remember visity he last year.
Emily : No
Mom : That's when she gave you this doll
Emily : Oh! Can we go see her again and get more present
mom : I'm sorry, Emily remember? She not there anymore
emily : Oh, yeah.
Mom : You know, great grandma elanor taught he how to play cards, and kind and cook, and all kinds of things i always thought she was magic.
Emily : She was a magician?
MOM : kind of, she could tell when the bacon was done, she could tell me twhat 1 was wearing, and she could tell if, was happy or sad, all kind of things.
to be continue....

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